Former FAW Board Member rips into “self-preservation” structure

Dylan Llewelyn Jones:

“My initial response was surprise that people were surprised at the FAW decision. They really are a rule unto themselves.

During 2010-11, I spent 12 frustrating months as an External Independent Board Member at the FAW only to resign when it became clear that governance best practice had no role to play at the organisation – well at Councillor level at least.

The Board was made up for around a dozen Councillors and two external members – I was one whilst the other was a partner at the FAW’s solicitors. So much for external and independent!

The guy who replaced me is in fact the Chairman of the Welsh Football Trust – more or less a charitable offshoot of the FAW.

External and independent indeed!

The Board’s decisions had to go to Council to be passed and the external members did not see those agendas or minutes.

Basically, we had no meaningful input as the system is geared to getting people up to Life Member status.

They play a hugely political game to survive to that status – promising, cajoling and paying back favours – yet once they are voted into a position where no-one can get rid of them, they continue to have a vote on all FAW matters.

They simply don’t have to give a fuck, so most of them don’t.

A suggestion that the FAW instigate an independent governance review “won’t happen on my watch” were the stubborn words of the previous President, who’s joined an ever-increasing cabal of life councillors who wield power but are accountable to absolutely no-one.

They are part of the problem, but then you have those who yearn to reach this sense in infallibility who make calculated decisions that benefit some at the expense of the others.

Mr Trefor Lloyd-Hughes (1989)

Mr David Griffiths (1992)
Mr David (Dai) Alun Jones (1994)

Honorary Treasurer
Mr K O’Connor (1998)

Life Vice-Presidents (and dates of tenure)
Mr T Forse (1966)
Mr J O Hughes (1973)
Mr T Evans MBE (1975)
Mr B Fear BEM (1977)
Mr D Shanklin (1978)
Mr P Rees (1982)
Mr Philip C Pritchard (1992)

Life Councillors
Mr I Williams (1987)
Mr R Waygood (1986)
Mr T V Harris (1988)
Mr C Whitley (1986)
Mr Ken Tucker (1989)

I resigned well over 18 months ago, but my name still appears on the website as a Board Member which in turn, is seen as a Standing Committee of the Council rather than the body tasked with running football in Wales.

It’s like wading through treacle wearing shoes made of lead, carrying two medicine balls and being blindfolded by people who are more concerned about what sandwiches were available for lunch, what freebies the kit men at the back of the offices might have for them and what was the level of insurance cover for the over 70′s on overseas visits.

Apologies for the rant – this issue just highlights why a body with almost as many councillors as staff is doomed to self-preservation.

And ultimately failure.”


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