Fan-run team seeks green light to play in the league it competed in last season

A fan-run football team with masses to offer seeks the green light to play in the league it competed in last season.

This team did enough to secure its place on sporting merit and has broken no rules to warrant its exclusion.

The committee that ran the team last season has fulfilled every financial obligation required of them to play at this level – and has everything in place to do the same next season.

A place in the league, vacated by one man’s unwanted and unnecessary withdrawal, currently stands vacant.

Moreover, a second appears similarly empty, after a merger of two other clubs.

As it stands, we have a viable, community-centred football team representing the biggest town in Wales, gnawing at the leash to continue at the same level in one of these spots.

The decision on whether this can happen now rests in the hands of the Football Association of Wales.

The FAW has the power to decree that the team is placed in Welsh League Division One.

Its own rulebook dictates this.

It happened in 1993, when the FAW slotted a Barry side into Welsh League Division One at its own behest.

Twenty years later, the public has spoken in remarkable numbers – with over 1,000 signatories in a matter of days asking them to do so again.

In even an unprecedented scenario, there is a precedent.

With it in mind, we humbly ask for justice – to continue the Barry footballing legacy at the level none of us ever gave up on.

Blighted for years by the misdeeds of a hostile saboteur, May’s withdrawal must be the last insult.

With the offending individual out of the league, the chance to restore justice is immediate.

The tireless and devoted volunteers who have worked so hard for the Barry name deserve vindication for their efforts.

The players, whose conduct has been a credit to Welsh football, deserve fairness for their loyalty, instead of further setbacks.

Putting them back into Welsh League Division One would send a strong message that sabotage will not be tolerated by the FAW.

It would also demonstrate that, in our country, principles of justice and fairness are still interwoven with the fabric of the sport.

The most grotesque wrong in 100 years of Barry football can be put right on Thursday.

We put our faith in the guardians of our game and hold our breath that it is.


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